New Riff Distilling Aquifer & Gift Shop

The Aquifer Tasting Room embodies the warm, comforting, and familiar feelings you’re greeted with after a sip of great bourbon. Guests are welcomed by soft textures, rich pops of color, and innovative nods to the bourbon-making process. New Riff’s modern take on bourbon is celebrated through sleek and sophisticated uses of materials, giving guests an elevated sense of familiarity. The warm glow throughout and overall authentic energy creates a timeless space for all bourbon lovers.

With an overall bright and inviting atmosphere, this gift shop has both educational experiences and personalized shopping moments unique to the New Riff brand, bringing unmatched energy and spirit to the distillery journey. Guests are immediately be pulled into an immersive, innovative, and eye-catching environment. Traditional materials are used throughout to honor the rich history of the distilling process, while carefully curated vignettes showcase New Riff’s bold, unapologetic, and fearless brand.


Interior Design




Newport, KY