Courtyard by Marriott in the Historic Ingalls Building

Built in 1903, the 16-story Ingalls Building was the world’s first reinforced concrete skyscraper. Over 100 years later, it’s still standing in the heart of a revitalized urban core. In 2021, our team transformed Ingalls into a LEED Gold certified Courtyard by Marriott. During demolition, dropped ceilings were removed, revealing original plasterwork hidden beneath, which we carefully restored. In the atrium, a marble grand staircase that once connected the first and second floor had been removed during a previous renovation. To reconnect the space, we placed a new monumental stair where the original stair had stood. The remaining original marble ceilings were carefully restored, and a lounge, bistro, and library were created on the second floor. The exterior masonry was at risk of failure in certain areas and in major need of repair. Patching and repair work was performed on the entire structure, restoring the exterior to historical accuracy. Concrete beams above the windows that were installed in a prior renovation were removed, making it possible to rebuild the original rough openings. We studied historic photos to redesign the windows using profiles made of aluminum. Cast concrete profiles were installed on the first floor and painted to match the windows to restore the look of cast iron while using a material that would not be subject to rusting during Cincinnati winters.

The renewed space emphasizes the rich history of the building through bold use of color and adaptive reuse of original features. Incorporating functionality, technology, and customer-focused amenities, the Ingalls Building remains a testament to innovation, challenging the status quo, and the rewards of taking a stand in order to become the new ideal in its field.

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