Liberty Fund

Liberty Fund was founded in 1960 by Pierre F. Goodrich, a prominent Indianapolis lawyer and business man. The organization’s core mission is the preservation, restoration and development of individual liberty through investigation, research and educational activity. A prominent eight-acre site adjacent to US-31 in Carmel was selected for Liberty Fund’s new 50 person headquarters. The 61,000 SF facility is their home base for the next half-century and its design is intended to reflect the timelessness of the organization’s purpose.

The glass clad research library facing west is the anchoring element of the new building. Thirty stainless steel sunscreens protect the library’s collection while providing a physical expression of the Liberty Fund mission. Individual screens represent a century of human history and is etched with names and events influential to liberty. The vast collection becomes evident as the library lighting lends a glow to the space as evening begins.

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