United Way of Central Indiana Headquarters

With a shift to a new location near downtown Indianapolis, the United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) adopted a new address and new corporate culture. The community-based organization embraced a fresh approach to its fundamental work with a more flexible and vibrant environment to create efficient work spaces, and fully embody the energy and vision of the ‘New U’ mission.

Visitors enter the space past custom graphic wood elements that announce UWCI’s location and act as an extension of United Way’s branding. Office spaces highlight a neutral hues aesthetic that is punctuated with bursts of colorful accent walls further enhancing the vibrant and spirited surroundings.

Introducing natural daylighting into the space was a significant design consideration. An open concept plan was generated where workspaces rather than enclosed offices line the perimeter of the suite keeping windows free from obstruction. Encompassing the reception area are a mixture of flexible meeting rooms, conference rooms and enclaves.


Interior Design




Indianapolis, IN